Time is a most precious asset. 

Give yourself the gift of time and hire a personal chef to make your life easier.  A personal chef prepares nutritious, delicious meals for you in your home, customized to your preferences; no more empty refrigerator!  Meals are tailored to your exact tastes, including childhood favorites, classic cuisine and "comfort food."  I provide customized, palate-specific dishes for my clients.


Image by Katie Smith
Preparing Food

No trips to the grocery store, no standing in line or finding a parking place.  If you really thought about how much you spend each week on groceries & eating out with your family you would be surprised how affordable it is to have a personal chef

Pricing starts at $400 per service date

*not including groceries.

All prices for personal chef service include:

* Initial personal consultation

* Menu planning

* Ongoing pantry evaluation

* Grocery shopping

* Cooking

* Packaging, labeling & heating instructions

* One Time Container Fee

* Clean-up

I prepare entrees and side dishes which are pre-packaged for storage in your refrigerator for enjoyment up to one week.