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Chef Derricka - Business Mentorship Program

Chef Derricka - Business Mentorship Program


*** Hire Chef Derricka as your Personal Chef Business Mentor/Consultant ***

Why not learn from someone who started her business from the ground up, and went through all the research for you. I can help you with all the things needed to start. Bypass the trial and error process of starting something from scratch.


...but unsure of all the details needed to get started, I can help you in every aspect of the business from start up paperwork, web design, marketing, to speaking with clients, menu preparation, catering tips and so on.

I will give you one on one attention to answer all your questions in business and food. I will work with you to help with as little or much as you need. A shadowing is a great start, especially if you're right out of culinary school or someone who is just interested in a food career. I can help to show you what is involved, before you jump into becoming a chef or starting a business.


Topics we will cover:

Business Structure & Development

Menu Design

Catering and Private Dining Tips & Strategies

Marketing & Social Media


Business Finance

Pricing vs. COGS (Cost of Goods)


Comes with 4 hours of Coaching, plus 1-2 Private Dining or Catering Job Shadowing Opportunites! 


I look forward to helping your build your business.