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Providing Everything You Need


Providing you the freshest ingredients, exceptional service, and a "Modern Spin on Classic Cuisine",

I pride myself in offering Customized Menu Options & Unique Plating Presentations.  

Services offered include Corporate Events, Cocktail Parties/Happy Hours, Private Dinner Parties, Brunch Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Soft/Grand Openings, Retirement Parties, or any special event just because. 

Whether you are looking for high-end cuisine or southern comfort meals, I can accommodate your vision to make it a full-blown EXPERIENCE. 

We take PRIDE in bringing your vision to reality and work hard to ensure that we EXCEED your expectations!!

*Minimum of 15 Guests for each Catering Service

Service Styles Available:

Drop-Off Catering

This speedy service is where your meal is dropped off to you and served in foil pans. You can add disposable wire chafing dishes, sternos/burners and disposable serving utensils for an additional fee (Equipment Fee).

$1000 minimum

Full Service Catering/Buffet Style

This traditional service is where I leave metal chafing dishes to be used during the event and pick them up immediately after your event. This includes sternos & disposable serving utensils. (Disposable Plates, Utensils & Napkins & Attended Station Services are available upon request - Fees will apply)

$1000 minimum - To use Traditional Chafing Dishes.

$1250 minimum - To use Luxury Chafing Dishes - Includes Disposable Plates, Utensils & Napkins.

Family Style

This elegant service is where the meal is served in beautiful serving dishes and bowls placed on warming trays for guests to serve themselves. This service is perfect for brunch engagements or interactive dinners allowing your guests to fellowship with one another.

$1500 minimum


This restaurant-style service is where your meal is beautifully plated on a dish for each guest to enjoy.

Request an estimate

Hors D'oeuvres Displays

This service offers light & heavy appetizers displayed where guests help themselves to these delicious, yet beautiful bites of food. 

(Passed Appetizer services available - Fees will apply)

$1000 minimum

Grazing Table

This incredible table-scaped charcuterie arrangement is an elevated culinary artistic conversation piece that is guaranteed to be a show-stopper among your guests and clients. *For Parties of 20+ Guests. **Can ONLY be combined with Hors D'oeuvres Display service. 

$800 minimum


Treat yourself, your special someone, or your family & friends to an exceptional dining experience featuring a chef-prepared gourmet meal.​

$700 minimum 

Service includes:

  • Menu Planning/Curation & Style

    • Family Style - 3 Courses; Starter, Family Style Entree, Dessert (recommended for parties of 8-14 Guests)

    • Plated - 4 courses; one meal per course (recommended for parties of 2-7 Guests)

  • Shopping/Gathering Ingredients

  • Transportation to you while bringing all food & equipment (pots, pans, and all other cookware, if needed; the client is responsible for plates/utensils for all guests - 3rd party rental services are available as an option)

  • Washing Dishes & Cleaning the Kitchen at the end of services. (Only available with Private Dining & Brunch Services)

All you have to do is kick back, relax and enjoy socializing with your guests!!

Booking Rate Includes:

  • Private Chef/Guest Rate

  • Transportation Fee

  • Sales Tax

  • Rush Fee* (if applicable) 

  • Reimbursement of Food Costs/Groceries (Billed separately; 24-48 hrs prior to the Event Date)

*Rush Fee:

Any private event booked 7 days or less prior to the event date will automatically include a 20% Rush Fee, which is included at the time of booking.

IMG_3291 2.JPG


Time is a most precious asset. 

Give yourself the gift of time and hire a personal chef to make your life easier.  A personal chef prepares nutritious, delicious meals for you in your home, customized to your preferences; no more empty refrigerator!  Meals are tailored to your exact tastes, including childhood favorites, classic cuisine, healthy choices and down-home "comfort food."  I provide customized, palate-specific dishes for my clients.

$125 Hourly, plus Grocery Reimbursement/Allotment
$250 Client Assessment Fee

Initial personal consultation for ongoing daily/weekly services includes:

* Client Assessment to Discover Goals, Favorite Cuisines & Ingredient Likes/Dislikes as well as Allergens/Dietary Restrictions

* Ongoing Pantry/Refrigerator Evaluation

*Progress Feedback

*Kitchen Logistics


Personal Chef Services Include:

* Menu Planning

* Grocery Shopping

* Bringing Fresh Ingredients to you and Preparing your Meals on-site at the comfort of your home (Individual or Family Style)

* Packaging

* Clean-up


**In need Private Chef Services for a Full Day as a One-Time Event (such as Brunch & Dinner)?

Need Chef Derricka to Travel to you, Domestically or Internationally?

Daily Chef and Traveling Services are available. 

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