Modern Spin on Classic Cuisine

From a small Dallas based urban food blog,

"Tha Dope Foodie", I have evolved as a Private Chef/Food Service Contributor. With the blog, my goal was to provide consumers my recommendations, reviews, and experiences of local restaurants and new places to go eat. However, little did everyone know my passion for food went deeper than experiencing someone else's vision of food...

I had one of my own.


I used cooking as a form of expression and continued to study and perfect my craft. For years I wouldn't cook for people as I was too shy, but as I continued to acquire more friends and co-workers, cooking for them was my way of showing love.​

In January 2019, I experienced tragedy where my ex-husband/co-parent of my autistic daughter passed away unexpectedly. Then 2 weeks after that, I lost my job. I was in the darkest mental space in my life, just very depressed, not sure what was in store for my new normal. I prayed over my entire situation and asked God for guidance. Shortly thereafter, I have stepped out on faith to share my passion, "My vision of food..." with fellow food lovers who enjoy quality "dope" mealz​.

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I wanted to learn as much about my craft as possible and be a subject matter expert of my passion, so I enrolled myself at Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in April 2019 and obtained my culinary degree trained in all Cooking & Baking Techniques specializing in Unique Plating, World Cuisines, Farm to Table and completed an extensive Externship which included hands on fine dining and wedding catering experience. I proudly graduated with High Honors at the top of my class in June 2o2o. 

Since then, I have been under the mentorship of Chef Kevin Johnson, Dallas Top Black Wedding & Events Chef/Caterer to become his protegé and our very own Top Chef All Star, Master Chef Tiffany Derry to help guide me into creating my own culinary lane. 

I now specialize in Private Dining Experiences, 
Luxurious Brunch, Exclusive Dinner Parties, Spectacular Catering Services, Convenient In-Home Personal Chef Services and Traveling Chef Services to accomodate the needs of all my clientele. I continue to share my culinary knowledge and experiences with up and coming chefs, while placing my unique thumbprint in the industry. Much more is definitely yet to come and I encourage you to support my journey.

Chef Derricka

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