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Personal Chef Services

Weekly, One-Time, or Traveling Personal Chef

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Time is a most precious asset. 

Give yourself the gift of time and hire a personal chef to make your life easier.  A personal chef prepares nutritious, delicious meals for you in your home, customized to your preferences; no more empty refrigerator!  Meals are tailored to your exact tastes, including childhood favorites, classic cuisine, healthy choices and down-home "comfort food."  I provide customized, palate-specific dishes for my clients. 

$35 Consultation

Meals served up to 6 Guests

*2 day minimum; 4 day max each week

Daily Rates:

$300 Full Day (2 Meals or more)

$200 Half Day (1 Meal)

*Groceries, Location Mileage & Sales Taxes not included; Groceries are to be reimbursed on a weekly basis

Initial personal consultation for ongoing daily/weekly services includes:

* Client Assessment to Discover Goals, Favorite Cuisines & Ingredient Likes/Dislikes as well as Allergens/Dietary Restrictions

* Ongoing Pantry/Refrigerator Evaluation

*Progress Feedback

*Kitchen Logistics


Personal Chef Services Include:

* Menu Planning

* Grocery Shopping

* Bringing Fresh Ingredients to you and Preparing your Meals on-site at the comfort of your home (Individual or Family Style)

* Plated Meals and/or Packaging for the week 

* Washing Dishes & Kitchen Clean-up


One-Time Chef Services

**In need Private Chef Services for a Full or Half Day as a One-Time Event (such as Brunch & Dinner)?

Inquire for Custom Rates

*Rate plus Transportation & Service Fee and Sales Tax

**Groceries not included & invoiced separately

Traveling Chef Services

Chef Derricka WILL to Travel to you, Domestically or Internationally. This service is subject to travel fees and accomodations. Please Inquire for Details.

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